The primary objectives of the Native Territories Avian Research Project (NTARP) will be education, training and the establishment of programs to involve Native Peoples with birds, bird studies, interconnected species and related environmental topics as they may impact Native lands.

We are currently working with Six Nations of the Grand River, Chippewas on the Thames and the city of Sarnia, Ontario.  Development of bird lists, butterfly species locations, wildflowers and other flora identification along with preliminary songbird, hummingbird banding and Monarch Butterfly tagging has been done in these areas.

The first Passerine (songbird) banding station on any First Nations lands in Canada, was established on Walpole Island in 2009 through 2014 by NTARP and our "Hummingbird Hosts" have allowed us to band these jewels at their homes.  Bird banding is performed by Carl A. Pascoe Master Bander and Rachel A. Powless, both of whom are permitted passerine, landbird, raptor and hummingbird banders in Ontario.